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A unique laser therapy for incisionless, non-invasive photothermal tightening of the vaginal canal. Clinical studies have shown that IntimaLase is an efficient, comfortable, and safe procedure.


The indication for IntimaLase® is vaginal relaxation syndrome, which is the loss of the optimum structural form of the vagina. This condition is generally associated with overstretching of the vaginal canal during childbirth as well as with natural aging.


How does IntimaLase® work?

  • This thermally affects the vaginal tissue, stimulating collagen remodeling and the synthesis of new collagen fibers in the vaginal mucosa tissue and collagen-rich endopelvic fascia.
  • The final result of collagen neogenesis and remodeling is tightening of the vaginal canal.


Unique advantages of IntimaLase®

  • As a non-ablative, minimally invasive procedure, ItimateLase also represents a safer, faster and more patient-friendly solution that avoids the undesirable complications present with other vaginal tightening methods.
  • Clinical results show a tightened vaginal canal, greater sexual satisfaction and significant improvement in a patient’s quality of life.
  • Usually two sessions are recommended. Patients can immediately return to their normal everyday activities


Exceptional clinical results

The latest scientific results clearly show great improvements in vaginal tightness, and sexual gratification.

  • 95% assessed the change of their vaginal tightness as strongly or moderately improved after IntimaLase® treatment.
  • Average shrinkage of vaginal canal after IntimaLase® treatment was 17%.
  • High level of patient satisfaction (97%).

Clinical results prove that the fast and easy-to-perform IntimaLase treatment is an effective, non-invasive procedure with no undesired side effects or contraindications (Beware of ablative laser procedures offered by other companies for Vaginal Rejuvenation that have undesirable side effects such as: days to weeks of drainage and increased risk of infection) IntimaLase had no undesirable side effects throughout all studies.

Another benefit of having healthy vaginal tissue is improvement in lubrication which is an issue for many mature women. Dryness can contribute to pain. This treatment offers a safe option for women who cannot take estrogen therapy.

Book your consult with Valerie Monismith, RN to learn more about this treatment. This treatment is only available for mature women over 35 who are no longer planning on becoming pregnant. It offers a safe improvement of quality of life intimacy for cancer survivors and women who have had hysterectomies that are left with pain and dryness.

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